Personal Energy Healing

Do you have any ailment and do not know
how to give solution?
Are you in a low moment that you don’t
can you turn it around?
Is it hard for you to make sense of life?


Relationship Healing

Do you feel that you are in a very conflictive relationship?
Do you have arguments with your partner that don’t make sense?
Do you have relationships in which you do not feel respected or respected?

Business Healing

Do you feel that your company is stuck?
Do you feel like you want to move forward but is there something blocking you?
Are there conflicts in your company that you cannot resolve?

Pet Healing

Is something wrong with your pet and you don’t know how to solve it?

Animals are beings that, like people, have an energetic body with their chakras. and although
its operation is not identical…

Healing of Spaces

Do you feel that when you get home there is a heaviness in the atmosphere?
Discomfort? Sadness? Dream? diseases?
Do you feel like you have repetitive negative thoughts?
Do you find it difficult to concentrate at home?

Family Tree Healing

Do you have many family problems?
Do you have a very conflictive relationship with a family member?
Do you think you are repeating negative family patterns?
Do you feel stuck and can’t move forward?

At Amalur we work mainly remotely, and we normally do it in 2 ways:

1) By video call, either by zoom, skype or whatsapp. We contact the person at the agreed time and there we work on what the situation requires.

2) By text or voice messages from whatsapp. We contact the person at the agreed time and there we work in the same way but this time the messages are by text or audio.

Distance energy healing works by the following two laws or principles: the law of interconnection and the law of directionality.

Interconnection principle:

The body of the patient and the body of the healer are interconnected with each other, as they are part of the energy body of the earth. It is the principle of interconnection on which distance energy healing is based. On a more subtle level it means that we are energetically part of the solar system. We are interconnected with the entire cosmos. This principle of interconnection at the spiritual level is also called the principle of oneness.

Directionality principle:

Vital energy can be directed. It goes where you focus your attention; life energy follows thought. Distance Energy Healing is based on the principles of Interconnection and directionality.

· Extracted from the sutra Possible Miracles of Mcks.

To purchase a therapy, all you have to do is enter the page of the therapy you wish and click on I want a healing. After clicking, you will see the shopping cart on the right side of the button. Once you have all the products you want, you can go to the cart and complete the purchase by filling in the necessary fields.

The payment methods used for now are Paypal and Stripe, two secure payment platforms so that you can do it with both credit and debit cards.

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