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Content of the online energy healing course

In the introduction we make an entry to the course to place ourselves in the context and learn a little about Mikel’s history. We also address the issue of the 21st century healer, explaining the needs and potentials of a healer today.
In this block we will see how and why energy healing works and the 2 principles on which it is based. You will also learn to feel and see the vital energy, including the aura of the trees. We will also practice exercises to feel the energy with our own hands and thus increase our sensitivity.

What is the aura?
What are the chakras? How many there are?
Its duties?

In this block we discuss what the aura is, how it works, and we will also see how each major chakra works. A very important knowledge for the healer to be able to perform healings effectively and accurately.

The energetic scanning gives us a vision of how the person is. Therefore, at this point you will learn to explore the internal or etheric aura, to detect imbalances in it and to explore each chakra to find out its status. A simple and practical way, at the same time effective to find the origin of the disease or problem and thus be able to act on the affected point.

Scan both face-to-face and remotely.

Here you will learn techniques to clean both the aura and the chakras and any part that shows signs of disease or contamination. How to apply the energy to help the body speed up its recovery and the points to take into account when carrying out a safe healing for the healer and patient. Techniques that will allow you to heal anywhere with no greater need than your own hands.
Common doubts that a person encounters in healing, such as how long it can take us to help heal a person, what to do if the symptoms return, precautions that we must take when healing, etc.

You will learn the steps to follow to make a complete healing both in person and remotely.

Everything you need to know for a healing to be effective, the details of each step so that the healing has good results. We will also see Divine Healing how to perform it and in which cases to use this type of healing so that it can benefit the patient more.

Different tools and techniques that we can use to heal ourselves, techniques that can help you improve your health and continue to grow spiritually as a person.
Here are points to keep in mind for our spiritual growth, what can help us and how to do it safely. Karma, virtues, how to improve our life by applying these teachings.

Who is this course for?

If you have no prior knowledge

The first level of Energy Healing is for you if you still do not have knowledge or do not know healing techniques, since it is characterized by the simplicity of the teachings. Anyone can learn to heal, since it is an innate gift in every human being. With this technique we want to bring healing to the current era, understanding that we are all capable of practicing it, without the need to have a yogic life in the mountains of the Himalayas.

If you already know any healing technique

If you know any healing technique, this tool can be complementary, it can even help you solve doubts about previous knowledge. Many are the students who have told us that they came from studying another technique and that now they have understood what they were doing when they carried out a healing. Energy Healing is characterized by the clarity and origin of each technique, it is a healing method with a very tangible, practical, scientific explanation.

If you work as a therapist

If you work as a therapist, these tools will complement your work by giving a solid foundation to your previous knowledge. This technique complements and clarifies many energy realities that were based on faith, which now have a practical and scientific explanation. In the course you will also learn the care of the therapist, to carry out a safe healing for both you and the patient.

If you want to learn to heal,
grow spiritually,
manifest your purpose and potential,
help others heal and grow

This is your course!




We know that we have a visible physical body, but we also know that we have a subtle energetic part, which affects our physical part. In this course you will learn the basics of Energy Healing knowing how energy works in our body through the Aura and the Chakras. We teach you techniques so that you can heal both yourself and others. Simple but very powerful techniques that anyone is capable of learning and putting into practice without the need for prior knowledge on the subject.

We all are able to feel and work with energy, the first step is to become aware of it. In this course you will be able to obtain those bases that will allow you to change your perspective of life and begin to see it from a deeper point of view, including the spiritual part.

Given the current situation in the world, we have prepared this course so that you can do it from your own home. In a very simple and intuitive way, all you need is a device with internet, be it a computer, tablet or cell phone. Without rushing, at your own pace and with our support, answering your questions so that you integrate knowledge and teachings well.

The energy healing course is made up of theoretical-practical videos.


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