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At this point we will see what the chakras are, their functioning in our physical-energetic system, their etymological origin. The word Chakra comes from Sanskrit and we will see that each of the 7 chakras has a specific name that has to do with its own functioning in our bodies. We will also see its deeper functioning, information that is not commonly found on the internet or in the literature, based on our own experimentation.
Where the chakras are located in our physical-energetic body and their relationship with the glands.

To get to know ourselves, it is important to know our body, both physical and energetic, and knowing the chakras at a theoretical level is one of these steps of self-knowledge. But, at this point we will focus on connecting and feeling these energy centers, yes, feeling them, since for us a key point in learning is experimentation and in this case feeling.

When we read something we can understand it, when we experience it, feel it and live it, we can integrate it as an experience and as a reality that opens up in our world.

We will do a series of simple exercises to familiarize ourselves with energy and thus be able to feel our own chakras.

Different types of energy move in each chakra and that is why the operation of each of them is different. We will see what type of energy predominates in each chakra and why there are differences in one type of energy of one color or another.
Each chakra has physiological functions that allow our physical body to function properly. It is important to know these functions to know what we should work on to improve the physical problems that we can have both ourselves and also to help others.

Just as they have physiological functions, the chakras also have their psychological and spiritual functions. At this point we will see what these functions are and how they affect our system and between the chakras themselves, since the functioning of one chakra also affects the other, because it is a holistic system, which is directly related to each other.

Like any living being, the chakras have alterations depending on many factors and this can cause imbalances or problems. In this section we will see why the chakras sometimes get unbalanced and we will go into detail in the case of each of the 7 chakras.

Based on both studies and personal experimentation in therapies, we will see common cases of imbalance or problems in each chakra. We will also see that in some cases there are several affected chakras.

We will also see the qualities that can be developed in each chakra, perhaps not so well-known qualities that can help us enhance virtues in our lives or transform and improve our weaknesses.

The chakras are an important part of our system, and just like the muscles or the brain, we can exercise them. That is why we will also learn to unlock the chakras so that they recover their proper functioning and activate them in order to enhance their power and proper functioning.

It is important to know that balance is what will give us well-being, therefore, we will also see the points to take into account so as not to generate imbalances in the activation itself.

Just like our physical body, our energetic body needs care to stay healthy.

In this section we will see what care we can use to keep the chakras clean and balanced. Care that can provide us with greater health and well-being, generating a better flow of energy in our system and with the environment.

A GIFT, 7 Meditations to clean, unblock and activate the chakras

THE course is RECORDED TO BE ABLE TO SEE the content at your own pace, whenever you want, wherever you want

Who is this course for?

If you have no prior knowledge

In the course the teachings are shared starting from the base, therefore you will be able to understand what is taught. At the same time the experimentation and practice exercises are simple, although they are also very powerful at the same time. So do not be afraid if you are a person with little or no knowledge in this area, because everything is explained in a way that anyone who knows how to read and write can understand it.

If you already know or work with the 7 chakras

In this course, things are worked on that I have not yet seen in literature or on the internet, information based on my own experience in therapies.
Years working with the aura and chakras of many people that will give you a vision beyond the typical one known and shared on the internet or in many books. Therefore, if you are a person who already has knowledge about the 7 chakras, this course will also be very useful for you, because you will be able to deepen this knowledge and, above all, experimentation.


Mikel Salaberria

co-founder of amalur

In 2012 I entered the world of healing, meditation and personal and spiritual growth. Since then I have dedicated myself to helping people through various tools such as energy healing, family constellations, etc. In addition to teaching above all to use energy healing techniques and tools.

Meditation and music lover with several years of experience leading meditation groups and currently sharing them through online platforms such as YouTube.

Studies in interior teachings in different parts of the world such as India, Dubai, the United States and in different countries of Europe.

In 2018 I turned my life around and traveled through Latin America living experiences and meeting people that led me to integrate many of the previously acquired spiritual teachings.

Thus creating Amalur together with my wife Daniela to bring these teachings and awareness to people who need it.

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With this course you will learn deeply what the chakras are, each one of the 7. You will learn to connect with them and also to unblock, clean and activate them. How to keep your energetic body both chakras and aura healthy and energized, etc.
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