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Welcome to Amalur Sanación!

Happy to help you, because we know you have the potential! dare yourself


Heal the wounds of your soul and feel the peace and freedom you long for.


Increase your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance and health.​


Allow yourself to shine with your greatness and reach the potential that is within you.


Advance and grow in your spiritual development safely.​


Align with your life purpose and manifest the dreams of your soul.​


Discover and develop your healing gifts using techniques.​


Increase your spiritual connection and be a channel to help others.


Live a meaningful,
prosperous and abundant life on all levels.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

How can we help you
to achieve it in Amalur?

Energy Healing

Do you feel that...
· You are emotionally overwhelmed
· You are stuck and don't know what to do
to move forward
· You have not yet overcome your past
· Life weighs you down instead of making you happy

Energy Healing

Do you want to acquire spiritual tools for...
· Grow spiritually
· Discover and develop your gifts
· Heal yourself and heal others
· Manifest your dreams

Be part of our growing

Where you will find content
for your Healing and Spiritual growth

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What do they say about us

I have been asthmatic since I was 15 years old and every time I catch a cold it's a nightmare, I asked Mikel for help because this time I couldn't breathe and I felt very overwhelmed. He told me that it was anger and many repressed emotions for a long time. He did the healings and at this moment I have a cold without any complication as it had not happened for many years. He also spoke to me about guilt, which I have not felt with the same intensity again, I feel much lighter emotionally.
Nicole Leal
Natural cosmetics
Floral therapist
Almost 6 years ago I began my path of healing, for many years I lived through great depressions, I felt like a victim and not the protagonist of my life. When you decide to heal, the most incredible people appear, who not only lend you a hand, but make you take a quantum leap in terms of growth. Dani, thanks to you I learned so many things, the power of words, how careful we must be with what we say, that by speaking you create a reality. I also learned...
Verónica López
Illustrator and nature photographer
Daniela did distant healings to a relative, she also did a healing to me when I felt very tired and charged with dense energies. In both situations I was able to notice changes, for example positive changes in attitude and improvements in the relationship I had with my family member. Little by little things began to flow better. Also when she cleaned me I noticed an immediate relief, a kind of rest that allowed me to recover faster. I am grateful for the help you gave me.
Paola Cruz
Public administrator and therapist

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