Hi I´m Petra from Germany. After quitting my Job i`ve been travelling through South America for a couple of months. Now back at home a lots of people ask me about my trip and I keep telling how mind blowing and what a great enrichment it was for me and how my personality grew in opening up my heart and my mind for new experiences and people.
To be honest. My overall favorite story from my trip is the experience I made with the best healer I can imagine...Mikel.

I´ve been travelling for a quite a while already. After a long and difficult trekking tour through the muddy andes in Colombia I unfortunately got a very heavy achilles tendon inflammation...my achilles tendon was so swollen that I could barely walk in shoes. Still I didn´t want to change plans and flew from Colombia to Cusco in Peru...I thought it might get better soon and I wanted to go ahead trekking in Cusco. But after waiting for two weeks giving my foot a rest and taking Ibuprofen to let it go down (which didn´t help) I had to accept that I just couldn´t go on trekking.

So I changed plans and went to Bolivia. I always wanted to do the trip from Uyuni to Atacama and I knew it would be lots of driving and not too much of walking. The tour was great but the pain of my achilles tendon got worse and worse. A couple of days later I arrived in Atacama and to be honest...I was sad and desperate. I mean...when do you get the chance and time to travel through South America for such a long time? And for me as a fanatic sportswoman and mountain lover I had so many plans in my head but in that moment it seemed to me like I could forget about it because of my health.

And that night I spent at a hostel in atacama and the hostel owner had birthday and invited everyone who stayed there. It was a super nice night and I got to know a lots of people. Also Mikel. I told him about my trip and my problems I had with my foot....so he asked if he should have a look at my foot later. I asked if he is a doctor or a physiotherapist. He told me he was a healer and to be honest...I first though: "Shit that sounds super weird...what crazy stuff will this might be?". But yeah I felt such a great connection with Mikel and I decided to give it a chance...I couldn´t lose anything anyways...so we went to a more quiet place where he started healing. To be honest again...I didn´t expect it to help and I thought it was little crazy haha...but it didn´t take a long time and I felt my body...something was moving. I felt my foot tingling. Hard to describe...I thought it might be because it was cold that night or something since I didn´t expect anything from this.

I only had to walk a couple of meters from that place to my bedroom but getting up the pain was gone (I know this sounds crazy but I swear it is the truth). The other morning I woke up and it was so much better. It didn´t hurt bad anymore. We did another two sessions of healing within the time period of two weeks and it was completely gone. So I went back to Peru and did big trekking tours and mountains in Huaraz without any Problem at all. The inflamation was just totally gone. It is unbelievable to me and if I hadn´t experienced it myself I wouldn´t believe it. It was a great experience and I can‘t tell how thankful I am. ​
Petra Hennes
IT Consultant
My name is Daniela Manríquez, I am from Concepción and I feel very grateful to Daniela, because she has the gift of identifying, intervening and guiding you to heal spiritually. She is a divine instrument that allowed him to find his root. Because my life presents difficulties that were repeated as patterns difficult to overcome, he instructed me about my real emotions, those that stagnated and did not let me flow, I also understood that some of them were not only mine as an adult, but also from the damaged girl who needs to forgive and be contained by my current self, accept that I have a mission with her, a mission that has to do with karmas and damage from this life and other past ones. Which is wonderful, because I no longer feel on a tightrope, I am clear about what I must work on and that I do not count only on myself, but also on my ancestors, spirits, beings of light and angels who accompany me, I also know that I must rejoice in the universe and in mother earth, because I simply deserve it and because I came to this life to give birth and be happy along with it. There is a clarity in my being which I searched for and found only now, thanks to that you can understand what it is in me that I must heal, improve and value.

This is a brief summary of everything that this transformative encounter that I had with her has meant and how infinitely grateful, as well as lucky, to have contacted her.

Daniela Manriquez
Differential teacher, floral therapist and reikist
I have been asthmatic since I was 15 years old and every time I catch a cold it is a nightmare, I asked Mikel for help because this time I couldn't breathe and I felt very overwhelmed. He told me that it was anger and many repressed emotions for a long time. He did the healings and at this moment I have a cold without any complication as it did not happen many years ago. He also spoke to me about guilt, which I have not felt with the same intensity again, I feel much lighter emotionally.
Nicole Leal
Natural cosmetics and floral therapist
Almost 6 years ago I began my healing path, for many years I lived through great depressions, I felt like a victim and not the protagonist of my life. When you decide to heal, the most incredible people appear, who not only lend you a hand, but also make you take a quantum leap in terms of growth. Dani, thanks to you I learned so many things, the power of the word, how careful we must be with what we say, that by speaking you create a reality. I also learned that there is light and darkness, but that the Light will always be stronger. You helped me cut karmic ties, past life pacts and my lineage, thanks to you my backpack is lighter, and I know that by healing I free my lineage from past things. Healing and becoming conscious sometimes becomes difficult, since you discover that everything depends on yourself, but at the same time it is totally enriching since by being conscious you discover that you can write your own story. Thank you for your infinite help, for your magic, love and wisdom. For supporting me and for helping me to trust that we all came to live life in the most beautiful way. To fulfill the mission that our soul chose, and to be beings of love.
Verónica López
Illustrator and nature photographer
I requested assistance after attending a relative's funeral because I found myself very loaded and with intense pain in my chest, back and head that had me lying in bed without energy, something like low energy congestion, I usually don't look for alternatives at a distance, but the discomfort was unbearable, so I contacted Mikel for help as an energetic S.O.S. When the session began, I immediately felt that something broke that allowed the crying to come out, it was not sadness for anything in particular, rather an emotional purge that began to clear that pressure in my chest. Then, I felt a buzzing in my ears and tranquility that invaded me, with my eyes closed I began to perceive colors and little by little I began to fall asleep, when I woke up I felt much better, without a headache and liberated thanks to the cleaning of all that dense energy that my mind and heart had accumulated, renewing my strength.

Paola Álvarez
Artisan and massage therapist
Daniela did distance healings to a family member, she also did a healing to me when I felt very tired and charged with dense energies. In both situations I was able to notice changes, for example positive changes in attitude and improvements in the relationship I had with my family member. Little by little things began to flow better. Also when he did the cleaning I noticed an immediate relief, a kind of rest that allowed me to recover faster. I am grateful for the help you gave me.

Paola Cruz
Public administrator and therapist

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