About Us

Hi dear friend

We are Daniela and Mikel, a couple of Energy Healers, lovers of spirituality in its multiple aspects. Travelers, curious, truth seekers and a long etc.

We have been trained in different schools and in life itself, which has led us to self-knowledge, the development of consciousness and healing love. Through different techniques and together with our spiritual committee, we help others to heal, improve their lives and find the path of their soul.

We work with people around the world, in Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States, South America, etc. since we provide services and training online.

If you change your inner world, you can change the world

We believe in change, that we can heal and improve our lives, achieve and live our dreams.

And so we have done, beginning with our own lives to help others also transform theirs and achieve their desires. We know that for this an inner change is necessary, an awareness and a transformation process, just as the caterpillar becomes a butterfly thanks to metamorphosis. If you want to fly, prepare your wings, because here we go…

Mikel Salaberria

Therapies and formation

Mikel worked more than a decade in the field of energy therapies and meditation, personal and spiritual growth. In 2012 he began his training in a spiritual and healing school participating in courses and retreats in various parts of the world such as India, Dubai, the United States and several European countries.

He has worked since 2013 in a center in Barcelona working as a healing therapist and instructor, guiding meditation groups as well as in other areas of the company. In those years studied family constellations with Brigitte Champetier. And also introduced to Astrology with Josep Guarch.

In 2018 he turned his life around in which he would focus more on healing through music that led him to travel through South America. There he also began to integrate the ancestral knowledge of medicinal plants, astrology.

His vision is a balanced life, at peace, a life that integrates both heaven and earth, father and mother, a life from the heart.

Jeannette Daniela Álvarez

Therapies and formation

Jeannette Daniela is the mother of 3 children whom she educated at home (homeschool) from 2013 to 2017. In 2003 she began her spiritual path and her contact with the divine through meditation, prayer and channeling, she took several courses such as Usui Reiki , tree healing, aromatherapy and dream interpretation.

In 2014 he began to work and study in depth in healing and energy channeling with angels.

In 2018, as a result of the awareness of the importance of the family in the healing process, she began to study ancestrology with Pedro Engel and Gloria Liberman.

Daniela also works with plants, gems and the stars in the production of products such as mother tinctures, flowery waters and energetic natural cosmetics, among others, which have been the result of her experience and study of astrology, natural magic and magical herbalism.

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